Fighter Attack 6.0 By I-N-D-R-A (Public)

Program Options :

Public Boot Panel:

Client 15-18 + Messy DC : u can dc 15-18 YMSG Chat Clients + Messy in pm off (Any messy version) (Bots Needed 10-15 // Depends On Your Net Speed)

Messy Freez : Old Freezing Exploit Packet 1 Bot will Freez Messy working with only 9,10

ADD Flood DC : This option will send add request packets if u will use 150-200 bots u can dc 102 protocol chat client 1 time (Tested in supra with 170 bots // Depends On Your Net Speed)

Random File Flood : This option will send first packet as random files to victim then after 10 seconds it will disconnect your victim with buffer exploit

Public Room Boot Options

Messy DC : This option will dc messy users in room use 50-100 bots

Messy Freez : simply freez messy users in room use 10-15 bots

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