Disconnect 9.1 By I-N-D-R-A (Public Version)

Disconnect 9.1 By I-N-D-R-A (Public Version)
Full Version Updates
Added Socks Boot Option For Booting YMSG 102 & 15-18 Protocol Chat clients
So Now U Can Boot YMSG 102 Client (Supra, Epic, Yzak ETC) Without Ban

Added Multi Client DC In Socks Boot Panel Option

Added Socks Room Booting Option

How To Use Socks Option?
So Simply Go To Login Speed Menu Click In Load Socks Then U Can See Socks Login Button, Just Click it,
After Login Click Show Socks Boot Panel Enter Your Victim ID & Click Exploit
(Use 50-70 Bots)

Public Version Updates :
Added 1 More Boot Packet For YMSG15-18 Client DC
Removed 1 Bot Room DC Options
Added Room Exploit DC (2 Packets)
(Use 50-70 Bots Depends On Your Net Speed Too)
(Note : Public Version Will Not DC YMSG 102 Protocol Chat Clients)

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