Y!Supra Version Update

Added: An alert message will now be displayed when the ignore chat messages from strangers option is enabled.
- Added: Packet log option. This feature, located in the Tools menu, will log all packets in an external file.
- Added: Programmable popup menu. This feature provides the same functionality as programmable buttons; however, a popup menu is utilized instead of buttons.
- Added: Voice sign off packet is now sent when exiting voice chat.
- Added: YMSG 17 and YMSG 17 web protocols.
- Fixed: A bug in the chat GUI allowed local users to ignore themselves.
- Fixed: A bug in the Color Effects preference class allowed no effect to be selected, which resulted in local text not being displayed.
- Fixed: A bug in the smiley popup menu caused incorrect smiley codes to be sent to the message window.
- Fixed: The decline contact request feature in the alert console has been rewritten to prevent any potential errors.
- Fixed: Wave volume was not being saved.
- Fixed: When closing the program or signing into another username, errors sometimes occurred because the waveout buffers were still in use.
- Improved: Additional error handling has been added to the chat gui.
- Improved: More error handling has been added to the preference loading process.
- Improved: The save dialog for IM display images now inserts the owner's username in the filename input box.
- Improved: The instant message window will now flash when a file transfer notification is sent to you.
- Removed: YMSG 18 and YMSG 18 web protocols as they do not support ghost mode

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