Y! WhiteOut ( Apocalypse Update )

Y! WhiteOut ( Y!Apocalyse Update )

Craziest Yahoo Messenger Room Booter ! One yahoo toy to play with .

 + Multi Login Bot Booter using SSL login

 + Multi Join Room

 + Charge - Release Captcha

 + Single Victim

 + Room Boot

Login 10 bots then join to 10 room all at one ( 1 bot 1 room )  to get all user in 10 room !

Single Victim Option :

1. Silent DC
2. Y!A DC
3. Room Invite - Join bot on one room to use this packet
4. Conference DC
5. Add DC
6. Proto DC

Room Boot  Option  :

1. Dc - Frezee all User Silently
2. Conference FRezee
3. Skull Audible Frezee
4. Add All User Freze
5. Script Frezee
6. games Frezee

Feature :

1. Auto Boot when user Join
2. Save User list
3. Mode grab user, as long bots in room, program will
   grall all user join , no leaves will show
4. Join bots to one room
5, Join Bots to multi room , 1 bot per one room
6. Boot user not in room

How to use :

Ex Login 10 Bots, then add or load room list as much as your bots login !
Prepare Join then Join Bots !
When captcha show simply click the link then captcha will automaticly show up
Type chaptca then Enter do it till no more captcha ,
when all captcha alreay typed then just clik SEND
ALL Bots will join room all at one ! and all user in room will grabbed !
( Charge - Release Captcha Join )

If You gonna join all bot in only one room, simply type the Room then join, no need to add
room to the list !


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