R4s God Of Voice v4.6 (Multi Bot Talking And Listening)

V4.6 Updates!!!!!!!!

-New Needed Files... wavefx and truespeech files.
-Changed max Bots Load to only 200 Now!! No Point In Having More.
-Updated Multi Bot Scrolling Talking Ability!! Now Can Multi Bot Talk From Your Mic / SoundCard!
-Added Chat Room Sound Listening ability!! Hear The Room From Your Master!!
-Added Ability To Auto Join Voice Your Bots With Room Entry!! Only In Signle Joining Mode! Not Charge!
-Allround Updated To Suit Maximum Voice Domination Ability

Recommend Turning On bots Stay In Room!! And Just Joining & Voicing As Many As You Can Fit In Room!!
Recommend Turning On Anti Scroller Mode Before multi Bot Talking!!
Recommend Not Listening To Room Sound, While Multi Bot Talking!!
Recommend No Auto Iggy Options On For Multi Bot Talking!! Use Iggy Manually!!

Download R4 Softs All Needed Files + Reg :

download now

Download R4s God Of Voice v4.6 :

download now

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