R4 Room Killer Reborn v1.4 Public ** HOT **

Updates For V1.4!

-Now Can Load An Login 12 bots, You Can Boot With 3-5 Bots Though. Dont Need Max At All.

-Added Force Bots In Room To leave An DC Option!! Bots Can Now Leave Room If Wanted.

-Upgraded Chat Room User List Display Abilitys Big Time!!!
Can Load A Seperate Room List View From A In Room Bot!!
Double Click In Room Bot To Load The Room List Using That Bot!!
Room Lists Viewing Now Shows the Room Name for the Room That List Is For!!
And Also From the Room List Viewing Window You Can now Quick Refresh!!
And This Is The Best Part... Now Possible To Refresh Room List... AnyTime!!
Yes you can Now Refresh the Room List while Booting!! No Need To Stop To Refresh it!!
That means you can Keep Track Of How Empty You Make The Room As You Go!!
Refreshing List At Any Time... While Booting Room Like a Crazy Mad Person Hehe

General Information!!!
-12 Bots Max Login
-RoomName Finder
-Adjustable Number Of Packet Per Bot, Recommended to Use Max(Default) Which Is 20!!
-Minimum 3 Bots In Room To Start Booting! Recommended 5 Is A Nice Amount!
-Small View Mode Inside, For when Bots In Room, and Your Ready To Go!
-R4 ADs Support At Open, To Support R4 Making Updates, And Keeping Them Free!

Advanced Special Ability!!!
-State Of The Art New Resume Booting Ability!!
If You Where Booting A Room With 5 Bots... And Closed Room Killer!
And 2 Hours Later Want To Boot The Same Room Again!!
You Join Room, and See To NO Suprise, You Bots Are Still In Room! Wow.
So What Now?? Easy... Open Room Killer Reborn, And Make Sure The Room Name is the Same!
Load Those Same Bots!! Login Those Same Bots, And Send A Message To Room from your Chat Program!
Or You Can Just Wait For The Next User In Room To Send Chat, Or Leave! :)
Because The Bots Are Now Logged In, And Still In That Room As You Can See...
They Will Recieve The Packet For Chat, And All Those Bots Smiley Icons, Will Change!!
Yes It Changes, And They Will All Be Showing As In Room On Room Killer!!
And You Can Simply Start Booting!! No Rejoining, Or Captcha's! Amazing!!

Or If You Must Use Same Bots In Different Room!!!
-To Use Same Bots Stuck In A Room... In Another Room!!
Just Make Sure Bots Are Logged Out, And Change The Room Name!!
Then Login Bots, And Start Joining!! Typing The Captcha's!!

To Make Bots Leave Room To Make Space Again, Etc!!!
-While Bots Are Showing In Room On Program, Click Menu an Select...
The Force All In Room bots To Leave An DC Option! Easy As That!!

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