How To Remove Hidden Alternate Emails

1 - First Ligin Your Acoount By This Link

2 - Add another Alternate Email on Your Account

3 - U Will Get a Email From Yahoo With This Subject "Your Yahoo! account information has changed" and open That

4 - On That Email is 2 Links , Click On First Link

Example : Does something look odd?
If the changes described above are accurate, no further action is needed. If anything doesn't look right, follow the link below to make changes:

5 - Put Your Pa.ssword And sign in , Now u Can see Hidden Alternate Emails With This Subject up Emails " Don't Delete "

6 - Click On All Don't Delete And Click On Save

7 - Again Goto Your Alternate Email And click On That Link ( 4 )

8 - Sing in Your Account And Delete Hidden Alternate Emails

Now Your Account is Clean

if You Want See Your Account Have Hidden Alternate Emails or No , Just Reset Your Pa.ssword By Alternate Email And See


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  2. it helps me a lot <3 thank you very much for sharing this info.