Added: Account manager will now scroll to the current id being used
- Added: Auto-cloak
- Added: Buddy list display images
- Added: Chat screen will pause and the window will flash when re-captcha occurs
- Added: Gawd mode
- Added: Number of voice ignores a user has is now displayed when you hover over their name in the chat user list
- Added: "Out running" status image
- Fixed: Account manager will now remove @yahoo.com from usernames
- Fixed: Account unlocker bug
- Fixed: Add contact bug
- Fixed: Cloak mode
- Fixed: Text copied from the web browser/chat window is now plain text
- Improved: Buddy list design
- Improved: Buddy list parser
- Improved: Minimum wallpaper zoom level is now 10
- Improved: Porn bot filter
- Improved: Status parser
- Removed: Open to talk status image

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