Dr.Hardware 2009 9.9.5

Dr. Hardware covers the whole machine and includes not only the common stuff (like processor detection etc.) but also some more sophisticated tests like hardware sensor, ATA/S-ATA/Atapi and network analysis. Also it comes with 7 benchmark tests and provides full support for all 32 and 64 Bit Windows desktop versions: Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000, 2003, XP and Vista.

Since 1994 Dr. Hardware is among the most advanced system information programs on the market. This program is made for beginners and professional users, for your desktop and notebook PC.


» Detailed analysis of core hardware and connected devices of personal computers
» Detects processor, BIOS, cache, bus system
» Detailed information for many current mainboard chipsets
» Examines harddisk, CD ROM, modem, VGA adapter
» Lists your (E-)IDE, ATAPI and SCSI devices
» Description of installed multimedia devices
» PCI list
» Scanner analysis via Twain interface
» SMBios analysis
» SDRAM detection and information (Serial Presence Detect Method)
» Analysis of mainstream sensors
» Network analysis
» Benchmarks for CPU, video adapter, harddrives, CD ROM/DVD, ASPI/SCSI devices, net drives
» List of used IRQ and DMA channels as well as I/O ports and memory areas
» Windows memory analysis, process and module list, system monitor
» Windows version information
» Internet Explorer / Firefox detailed info
» Monitor test screen
» Keyboard input test
» Burn-In and Rating test

New: detects AMD Phenom II, Intel Dual Core Celeron T1x00 and E1x00, Celeron 2x0, 4x0 and 5x0, more accurate detection of desktop and mobile Core 2 Duo/45nm processors
New: Sensor monitoring now including:
- Support for harddisk, GPU and FB-Dimm temperature readings (Intel Server chipsets 5000/5400/7300)
- Support for Fintek F71805F and F71882FG chips
- Enhanced temperature monitoring in : user definable limits, acoustic signals and/or system shutdown on exceeding of defined limits
New: detects Windows 7 as well as further Windows product types Windows XP/Vista product key reporting, DirectX version reporting

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download now

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