RapidShare hack for free account(rapidshare premium account)

Hi guys,
right here I will show YOU how to get a Rapidshare.com PREMIUM ACCOUNT FOR FREE and earn some extra money aswell!! No matter where you come from (Europe, USA or elsewhere!)
This is no joke, nor anything else, you can TRUST ME! Just try it out, you will be amazed as you see how easy it is!

Step#1 Go to www.awsurveys.tk by clicking the link.And "Create A Free Account"

Step#2 Take small surveys for up to 6$ a survey

Step#3 Go to www.paypal.com and sign up for a "premier paypal account".

If it asks for your bank or credit card, just cancel (yes, premier account is 100% free also)

Step#4 Receive your money once you reach the minimum payout.

Step#5 Start spending!!!

Your Account can be barred...

This can be for any of the following reasons:

- Same IP Address (All of your referrals signed up from the same

- Low or no Survey taking ratio (Your referrals took 0 surveys)

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