Yahaven 2.7.1 update 03/6/2009

*Whats New?*

- Audio alert options added for boot detected, automatic shield and cloak.
- Bandwidth monitor moved next to antiboot in options.
- Chatters ignore list menu option to remove users with ears added.
- Chatters ignore list menu option to remove males added.
- Eight second delay added on winamp status.
- Ghost icon not changing colour fixed.
- Increasing increment delay added to cloak reconnecting.
- Old profile viewer added.
- Option to auto ignore anyone with a cam on thats not male added.
- Option to show/hide antiboot packet count meter.
- Option to remove voice users from ignore when connecting voice added.
- Option to use server tester once per session added.
- Regular expressions have been added to chat text filters and wildcards.
- Regular expressions tester added.
- Smileys now animate when hovering over picture in smiley pallet.
- Smileys now update on pallet to match current smiley set.
- Some more icons cleaned up.
- Tattoo's moved to fonts and colours option panel.
- Transformer emoticon added.
- Voice icons not being removed from ignore list when switching voice off fixed.

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