Conference Crips And Bloods Killer V1.0 Full

First Load your yahoo id and select waht is format of id and pass like yahoo:pass or yahoo=pass or yahoo-pass.
After that you choose how many yahoo booter want to login from 1 - 700 after you choose you click on login. after login you get MSG from program your id boots is almost login after that you or any person. Only invite one of your id bots list after that you click on join and you see all ids bots are in conference and if you want boot the cf only click on boot option exm: lagg or smiley or...
Dong Forget custom is your MSG but if you want leave from CF click on leave to get left from CF and logout and close program.

Boot Option:
  • Lagg
  • Lagg1
  • Lagg2
  • Lagg3
  • Smiley
  • Smiley2
  • Pm Killer
  • Custom

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