Yahaven Version 2.7.0

- All Shield/Cloak/Ghost/Reconnection notices now display in marquee by default with option to show in chatroom.
- Automatic antiboot now supports shield or cloak.
- Cam icons showing properly in roomlist, cam icon added to ignored list.
- Captcha image now loads in chatroom with zoom in/out options.
- Captcha tab added to the chat options window.
- Chatroom window opening after being idle fixed.
- Changing ignore to/from permanent in the chatroom ignore list fixed.
- CheetaChat client detection added.
- Custom away status added for room away notice.
- Duplicate buddy online/offline notices discard function added.
- Filter and wildcard usage statistics tab added.
- Filter and wildcard usage statistics option added.
- A user removed from ignore will also deduct one hit for the aplicable filter/wildcard.
- Ghost now has server tester, it simply picks another random server if it can't connect.
- Ghost will leave room when changing rooms (it no longer logs out completely).
- Macro's %inf, %version, %infcnt and %client added.
- Quote command added.
- Quote text menu item added (left click chatroom).
- Shield will disconnect when changing rooms (no option anymore).
- Signature for posts added.
- Some chat toolbar buttons removed (PM & Add Friend). Some icons replaced.
- Tattoo double spacing bug fixed.

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download now

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