YTK Pro Beta Build 499b Crack by FLZ

This new build of YTK Pro will fix any voice dominance issues for anyone experiencing them as the main issue was isolated and corrected, this issue only existed for some users and not at all for others so it's been rather elusive, especially when our development team hasn't been able to reproduce it whatsoever. I'd like to thank Breaker for his cooperation in private alpha testing of this build as he was one of the users who experienced voice cut out problems employed in 499a's Extra-Strength Voice Dominance. In addition to this I've decided to address another small issue noticed a few builds back... the Yahoo! Buddy Window Ad that's currently killed can cause a gap at the bottom of the buddy window once this ad is destroyed. I've corrected this issue so that this doesn't happen anymore, the new kill method is much more efficient and seems to not have any negative side effects like some other programs which actually break LAUNCHCast in the process of killing this Ad. If YTK Pro's "About" window says that you're running YTK PE Module Version then you're running the correct build, otherwise you are not!

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