Yahoo Spy Server Builder v2.0 By BUNNN

Bug FIxed :
1. in v1.0 wend victim launch server .... his pc working too hard .... in v2.0 pc work normal
2. in v1.0 nod32 detect server ... in v2.0 moust antivirus don't detect it
3. in v1.0 mail sender sometimes don't work & mail revice in spam folder .... in v2.0 you revice mail in imbox

Options :
Send IP Addres / PC Name / Curent User / Procesor Speed /Procesor Name / Os Version / System32 Directory To Your Mail !!!
Chose Custom Icon / favorit icon
Windows Firewall Don't Block It
Work To Modem

How To Use It :

1. Launch Yahoo spy server builder v2.0 - enter your mail - chose your icon - pres "build"
2. Send it to a victim ... you revice something like that :
3. Then Insert ETS & ID in Yahoo SPy Launcher v2.0 ... pres "Sign In"
4. Enjoy It !

download now

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