War Of Boot Evolution ! ( Version 15 )

SL Login Booter, working packets for Yahoo Messenger 8 , 9 and Chat Client ( Yazak, Yahelite, Yahaven, YMLite ect... with less bots !

Feature :

- Multi login bot booter

12 Working Boot Option for Yahoo Messenger and Chat Client.

- Multi Bots Join Room
Join more than 1 bot to the room, used to lagg room and used to send exploit packets that dc Chat Client !

- Single Bot Booter
2 boot option, DC Yahoo Messenger User Versiion 8 and 9 easily ( crash packets exploit )
1 boot option to DC Yahoo chat clients

- Room Booter
Boot all id in the room, this will need bot join to the room to grab all id in the room.

- Chat
Send chat text to the room.

- Invisible checker

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