ST Virus Machine By Knight

ST Virus Machine By Knight
very very powerful virus machine

make 5 mod virus
1- HangUp Virus
2 - Destroy Windows Virus
3 - Corrupt File Virus
4 - DbClick Delete Virus
5 - Delete Virus

1- in 2 mod
fuuny and dangerus
if u click in server this pc lock and if server fuuny after 1 restart cleaned

2- after click destroy windos victim and force victim to change windos

3-corrupt all file at victim system! when victim open the corrupted file then see error

4-DbClick Delete Virus wiil be delet all file on a drive that victim open it
for exam: if the victim open d:\ then virus delet all file in the directory oooof

5- Delete Virus will be delet all file on victim system !!! all file on all drive w@w

5 emersion for the server
5 icon for the server
and any anti virus can`t read this server

download now

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